90East – FW 2015/2016 Release

The 90East Fall/Winter 2015 Release is now available. The graphics in this release are based on the on the word ‘Native’ and the concept of not only being native to a place but also being a native of a particular thing, such as the street or BMX.

The first headwear item for this release is the Native Unstructured Hat featuring a graphic inspired by the American Indian that appears in the center of the Massachusetts State flag. The hat is constructed from a high quality cotton twill fabric and has an adjustable strap in the back. The second headwear item is the Harbor Beanie which is made from a warm acrylic knit and features the 90East logo woven label.

The first graphic item is the E.C.N. Tee shirt which features art inspired by the old Massachusetts Turnpike logo of a Native American arrow piercing though a Pilgrim hat which symbolizes the Natives standing up for themselves. The second graphic item is a pullover hoodie which features a handstyle by Boston writer CAYPE. This graphic was previously available on a tee shirt but we decided to bring it back for a run on a hoodie and long sleeve tee.

To keep you warm this winter we have the Humboldt Windbreaker which is made from a waterproof nylon and has a perfect fit that is similar to our hoodies. Simple, clean, and quality is the aim of this item. It features the 90East logo woven label on the left front chest.

Just because you ride BMX doesn’t mean you have to look like a scrub, with that being said we are introducing our first run of pants with the Dot Ave Chinos. The pants are slim fit and made from Midnight Black 100% Cotton chino fabric. They are available in waist sizes 30-36 with a 32 length on all. The branding is subtle with woven labels on the rear right pocket and in the waist.

The Fall/Winter 2015 goods are available here in the online shop and also at our selected dealers. Thank you for your continued support. -90East





90East H.N.I.C. 4-Piece Handlebars Now Available

The 90East H.N.I.C. Handlebars have a 8.6″ rise and a width of 28″ that is moderately sized which works well when cruising the streets of a crowded city. As for sweep they have 10˚of backsweep and 4˚of upsweep to keep the hands and arms in a comfortable position. The tubing is straight gauge 4130 chromoly with a 0.65″ wall diameter on all tubes. As for color they are available in gloss black or clear over raw and are made in the USA. The H.N.I.C. bars are now available in our online shop and at our selected dealers. Thank you for your support and enjoy the ride. -90East




90East – ATL/ATX Vacation

Taking a break from this past record breaking winter, part of the crew decided to escape by taking a road trip to Austin, Texas with a stop in Atlanta, Georgia on the way. Featuring Abdul Fofanah, Zack Cooke, Seth Ethier, Shane Byrnes, Terrence O,Brien and Brett Silva. Guest Clip and artwork by FRKO.




90East – SS 2015 Release

The 90East Spring/Summer 2015 release is now available. First item in this release is the “Warning” unstructured 5-panel hat which is made from a light weight Chambray fabric which makes it great for the warm weather. The second headwear item is the Logo label snap back hat which has a structured fit and is made from a high quality cotton twill.

For tee shirts we have the “Losses” tee which features a graphic inspired by old butcher shop signage. The graphic also displays the term “cut your losses” which means getting rid of the weakest link in the chain. Whether its people, habits, or places, some things are better off left behind in business and personal life. The second tee is the “Hollow Logo” tee which is an updated variation of our logo. Both of these tees are available in two colors and also in a long sleeve version.

For outerwear we have the Logo label zip up hoodie that features a woven label of the 90East logo sewn onto the chest of one of our midweight hoodies which comes in two colors. The “Losses” graphic is also available as a hoodie in black only.

The Spring/Summer 2015 goods are available here in the online shop and also at our selected dealers. Thank you for your continued support. -90East





90East “Public Property” Video

90 East is proud to present our third full length video “Public Property”,  which wraps up the past two years of riding from the 90East crew in and around New England.  The video features parts from Zack Cooke, Terrence O’Brien, Jake Frost, Brett Silva, James Meliota, Lino Gonzalez, Seth Ethier/Shane Byrnes, Abdul Fofanah, and Webster Jake, along with a friends section featuring local and international friends.  The idea behind the name is the concept that street riding is based on being able to re-interpret the use of your surroundings,  therefore making all property “Public Property”. We would like to thank everyone involved with this project and everyone who has supported and continues support 90East.

The video can be viewed on the main page of this site or on the “Public Property” page.  For those of you that enjoy the hard copy form, we also have a limited edition DVD/zine combo available which features bonus footage not available online.   Visit our online shop for more details.



90East – Fall/Winter 2014/15 Release

The 90East Fall/Winter 2014/15 release is now available. First we have the District tee which is available in short and long sleeve. The graphic is inspired by 1920’s era newspaper ads from theaters and clubs Boston’s infamous Combat Zone/Theater district area of downtown. Going along with that theme we have the Map Logo tee which features a map of the downtown area from the 1920’s inside the 90East logo box. For outerwear we have an updated version of our pullover hoodie with the 90East logo printed front and center. We also have an updated version of our nylon coaches jacket which features the 90East logo in a white or black print on the left chest. For headwear we have the Warning unstructured cap which features a woven label inspired by various warning signs seen around the city and is constructed from a durable cotton twill fabric with a low profile unstructured fit. Also we have the Utica beanie which features a hand debossed leather patch which is made in house.

The Fall/Winter 2014/15 goods are available here in the online shop and also at our selected dealers. Thank you for your continued support. -90East





90East – Fall/Winter 2014-15 Lookbook




90East – Jake Frost “Riding Around After Work”

Only a few in BMX get to concentrate full time on riding. The rest have to work to live and still find the time to ride. For Jake Frost that work is as a bicycle messenger in downtown Boston. Despite the full time hours and pedaling around the city all day in all types of weather, Jake still finds the time to enjoy riding BMX plus work on his part for the upcoming 90East video. In this edit we get a quick look at Jake doing his day job and then riding BMX in his off time which led to the name “Riding Around After Work”.

More details soon on the upcoming full length 90East video featuring Jake and the rest of the crew.




90East – Summer 2014 Lookbook




90East – Summer 2014 Release

The 90East Summer 2014 release is now available. For this season we have three tees and a five panel hat. First is the Culture Vulture tee which is a commentary on those who exploit a culture like BMX without a regard for the people or culture itself. Second is the Motion Blur Logo Tee which features a halftone image of a passing subway train under the 90East logo that represents constant motion of the world around us, in other words either keep it moving or get left behind. The third tee is the Lo-Fi Pocket tee which displays a hand drawn image of a broken VX camera and the phrase “Message Over Medium”, meaning the end result is always more important than the tools used. Finally we have the Utica 5 panel hat which has an unstructured fit and is a lighter weight cotton fabric that is good for the hot summer months. The hat also features a hand stamped 90East logo leather patch.

The Summer 2014 goods are available here in the online shop and also at our selected dealers. Thank you for your continued support. -90East