Theories: Jon Schimpf and Jib “Tape 4”

[23 Feb 2017]

-Intro/Questions: Lino Gonzalez
-Photos via @jibbmx
Amidst the haze of instagram content and vlogs, Jon Schimpf has released the fourth installment of his Jib series, “Tape 4”. The DVD is another quality full length street video that Jon has added to the East Coast scene. Great care and thought was used in the production from the filming and music, to the riding itself. I decided to ask Jon some questions to get insight into the video in this new feature interview series entitled “Theories”. See what Jon had to say below.
The Jib “Tape 4” is now available here in the online shop.


Photo: @foolhandluke


-You’ve used the term “realistic street riding” in the description of this video. Explain the concept behind that.

Simplicity. all the little nibs or stylish spot use clips that some people feel self conscious about actually using in their part, i love that stuff. i like to go out and document exactly what’s happening in my scene, what an average session feels like in this area. to me, some of the most enjoyable clips to watch don’t always have to require hours of attempts or absolutely killing yourself. i think the fun can start to fade away at times for everyone involved when the aforementioned scenario’s drag on for too long.


-The documentary footage you used about Philly is actually really informational and sets the stage for the video well. How did the idea for that come about?

I really wanted something historical about pennsylvania given that the large majority (over 95%) of the video is filmed within the state. i like the common theme of odd interludes using appropriated footage in skate/bmx films, so i thought that continuing doing that on topic would make sense for this release. pat schlitzer and i stumbled on an old documentary from 1981 called “penn’a du” and knew it would work well when cut up. i loved how certain scenes were from the areas the crews reside in (or in between) and how certain shots/dialogue paired with scenes i had shot.


-Since theres so many crews in Philly riding and filming, was there any concern for ABD’s or is that not something you care about?

I mean, i definitely care about that.. but probably a lot less than others. like anybody else doing this, i try to stay informed on what may have occurred at a spot i’m filming at. so do the other riders in my scene that i ride with. if someone films something and realizes the ABD and doesn’t want to use it, i get that. but at the end of the day, if something similar goes down at a spot or someone films something that someone else has been sitting on and they couldn’t of known, does it really matter?  i think it says more about someone’s character if they get totally bent out of shape over that, if it’s not intentional. go film another one haha.


-You had mentioned avoiding trends and gimmicks when it came to the soundtrack, is that in regards to a certain type of music?

I really love all types of music. when approaching a soundtrack for a video, i try to select tracks that I can listen to over and over again, not just something that i enjoy right now. spending enough hours in a timeline cutting clips up usually helps me realize the difference between the two.


Photo: @kevinbasss



-Are you a die hard SD/VX guy, or does that not matter to you as long as the content is good?

No way! caring about something like that is too much man. something is of value because it evokes feeling, is of interest, and made well. regardless of the medium. i love all cameras and appreciate how other film makers/artists arrive at their own results. if it’s good, it’s good.


-Any notable A/V issues while making the video like a broken camera, missing footage, or any other type of glitch?

One DVX-100b filmed the entire video and it ran perfectly the entire time.


-The hop hop selection is very atmospheric and smooth in the video. Any particular groups or artists whose work influences you?

I’ve always been a big music fan. it varies quite a bit! but my recently played items on my device have artists like: currensy, bad bad not good, mick jenkins, bronson, squid ethics, jhfly, vince staples, jonwayne, telequanta, bsd.u, anderson.paak, wun two, creepoid, nothing, etc.


-JDilla fan?

Yes. he’s one of the best to ever make beats/produce tracks. slum village, donuts, his independent beat tapes, his work with tribe, pharcyde, the roots, list goes on forever. RIP.


-Meek Mill or Drake?

Del the funky homosapien


-Do you listen to trap, or any popular type stuff?

A bit of post trap, cloud rap, it’s never consistent. a track or two or album here and there. top rappers of the moment often feel like pro wrestlers to me, it can be really entertaining but deep down you know it’s all smoke and mirrors.


-are you into any conspiracy theories?

I heard 9/11 was an inside job.


Thanks Jon