90East “Neighborhood Watch” Video

[12 Apr 2018]

We are proud to present “Neighborhood Watch”, our fourth full length video featuring sections from Shane Byrnes, Kyle Richards-Connolly, Abdul Fofanah, Sam Jones, Seth Ethier, Lino Gonzalez, Justin Dickinson, Zack Cooke / Webster Jake, Terrence O’Brien, James Meliota, Kyle Anzelotti, and Jake Frost. Filmed mainly over the course of the last two years in the streets of the Northeast U.S. along with some international footage sprinkled in.

The video can be viewed on the main page of this site or on our Video/Youtube page. For those of you that enjoy the hard copy form, we also have a DVD/zine combo available which features bonus footage not available online. Visit our online shop for more details.Thank you for your continued support and enjoy.