Theories: Seth Ethier – “Today I Got Time” DVD

[1 Nov 2020]

-Intro/Questions: Lino Gonzalez

“Today I Got Time” is an independent video project from 90East crew member Seth Ethier who traveled up and down the East Coast as well as overseas to document what happens when you’re committed to meeting new people, riding new spots and having a good time in the streets. I asked Seth some questions in our latest “Theories” article to supplement the DVD which is available in our online shop.


1. What was the motivation for making the video?

I made a few short videos in the past with the people I grew up with called the Proven Videos. As I got older I got influenced by 90East and other videos to make more. Also It was influenced by traveling and meeting new people.

2. Where did you travel during the filming of the video?

I went to Japan, Spain, France, Columbia. In the US I was in NYC the most but also went up and down the East Coast from Pennsylvania to Florida. Alabama was sick too.

3. How did you chose who had parts in the video?

I bumped into Stephen Klein randomly when he came up to Boston with Grimaldo and then through him I met Mcthuggin, thats how the video got mainly got started. Also Matt Mantis lived up here in Boston for a bit and I ended up riding with him a lot. Terrence O’Brien, Shane Byrnes, and Zeeky I grew up with in Oxford and always rode with them So it was natural to film them. Joey Piazza and Johnny Monaco got involved through McThuggin, Thats basically how it all came together.

4. Any run ins with the police, camera problems, or injuries while filming?

No injuries which was surprising. No Camera problems except me learning the camera as I went along. McThuggin did get arrested at my wedding though.

5. Did Coronavirus lockdown effect the filming of the video?

Not really except it slowed down the traveling. I wanted to go a few more places but it did help me get the video done because it gave me time to edit. It did make it easier to ride especially in NYC, theres a lot of stuff that you would be able to ride before that you can now.

6. What camera setup did you use to film?

Canon t6i with Opteka fisheye

7. I enjoyed the soundtrack, How did you choose the music for the video?

It really just came down to music that I personally fucked with. Especially French Montana, theres 2 songs in there from his Coke Boys 2 tape. This dude Bouba Savage we randomly came across in NYC put me onto Joey’s song. The other songs from Currency, Infanite, Lloyd Banks, Termanology, Fabolous, Chief Keef is all just shit we we been bumpin.

8. Did you set out to hit particular spots or would you guys just ride whatever was around?

We had spots in mind but most of the time we would end up going to a spot and just hitting stuff on the way or around the actual spot. Some of the stuff was in neighborhoods of rappers that I liked. I would just want to see what their neighborhood was like and ride stuff there. Most of the time that led to nothing but its still fun.

9.What’s next, another video?

I would like to keep traveling and filming just the same. Its a vacation more or less, a documented vacation that isn’t a vlog.

10. Are you into any Conspiracy Theories?

I’ll listen to any of them and make a decision. I’ve done some looking into 911. Rumors usually have some truth to them.